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SymbaYou fuels growth.

SymbaYou is a first-of-its-kind orchestration platform fit-to-purpose built for commerce that places companies at the forefront of the headless and composable commerce revolution. With SymbaYou, companies can compose best-of-breed solutions and syndicate data, content, and services in real-time to data multiple heads, endpoints, and channels.


SymbaYou is designed for headless shopping experiences across storefronts, apps and channels and allows companies to adopt new technologies seamlessly and select those that align best with their strategic vision. Orchestration give companies full control and visibility into their services, content, and data pipelines as it flows from the sources to the destination.

"Designed-in" core features

SymbaYou offers a strong set of”designed-in” core features for commerce. This enables developers to build differentiating features instead of allocating resources to build, integrate, update, and manage complex services. SymbaYou flips typical monolithic commerce tech stacks inside out by processing data such as content, category, product, order, inventory, carrier from best-of-breed solutions.


SymbaYou unification provides discovery, reconciliation, format-to-format, compliancy and validation, and ongoing synchronization of services in (near) real-time. The unification offers full control over entire data, content, and service lifecyles.

A single platform for your entire B2C, B2B, marketplace, and omnichannel operations.

With SymbaYou, companies can open unlimited flagship stores and e-commerce sites, add new sales channels, automate key and complex order flows, offer hyper personalized experiences, or enable operational excellence across the entire omnichannel commerce supply chain.

SymbaYou’s  “designed-in” features leverage SymbaYou for very different use cases.

Correlate data of events from shipping, distribution centers, stores, sales channels, and customer interactions to enable real-time omnichannel scale.

Split and route orders between multiple manufacturing sites, distribution centers, carriers, and sales channels. Monitor the process across inbound, outbound and reverse order flows.

Link control with data streams for end-to-end supply chain visibility. SymbaYou is used for for real-time operational intelligence, inventory accuracy, and omnichannel sales.

Use SymbaYou artificial intelligence (AI) models to predict possible customer journey orchestrations based on customers’ intents and linkages and then recommend journeys.

Offer hyper-personalized omnichannel retail experience, by turning each customer visit into a one-on-one marketing opportunity via a correlation of historical customer data with real-time digital signals.

Sell direct to consumer and cut out the route through 3rd party retailers and wholesalers.

Compare pallet loads, ideal and execute routes, thereby providing instant allerts on delays.

Ensure that shoppers see consistency between online, mobile, and in-store shopping, no matter what channel they use.

Connect to market places and create customized pricing across channels.

Connect PunchOut catalogs to buyer’s procurement system to let buyers shop directly in your ERP. 

Increase sales, improve customer engagement, and deeper audience understanding with geo-fencing and location based marketing.

Digitalize the paper based supply chain by turning PDF and scan documents into UBL, EDI, XML or JSON formats.

And many more..

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"Designed-in" cognitive capabilities for autonomous orchestration.

Cognitive customer journey orchestration

SymbaYou artificial intelligence (AI) models can predict possible customer journey orchestrations based on customers’ intents and linkages and then recommend journeys.

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Cognitive document data orchestration

SymbaYou artificial intelligence (AI) models document processing read document like humans, turn documents into meaningful datasets and can predict possible customer journey orchestrations based on document and data context and classifications and then recommend journeys.

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Embedded platform for B2B developers.

With SymbaYou, B2B developers can build and run headless commerce projects for unlimited customers.

SymbaYou embedded commerce platform is a set of tools that enable B2B developers to build reusable, configurable, native services and deliver them to their customers as features of their tech stack. SymbaYou connects the product of B2B developers and to their customers’ other business-critical apps.


Onboard new customers and orchestrate the design and deployment of data, content, and services across platforms and technologies.


Publish services on a marketplace and deploy a single service to hundreds of customers, while allowing each customer to setup its unique configuration.


Let your customers discover, activate, configure, and monitor services using an embedded marketplace.

Service configuration differences between customers may be simple or complex. Neither way, without a way to productize these services and build this flexibility into them ,B2B developer will need to build and support many variations of a single service.

SymbaYou gives B2B developers the tools to build and run customer specific headless commerce solutions without creating duplicate services.

Often services, such as headless commerce related integrations, are invisible to business users,they have no documentation or self help material. Business users must rely on engineering for answers. This dependency leads to much back-and-forth and long resolution times.

SymbaYou self-service gives business users insight into the used services, including status, configuration options,and logging details.

Run SymbaYou your way

The best way to use SymbaYou is SymbaYou Cloud. We charge monhtly cache limits usage. Subscribers who want to manage SymbaYou themselves, whether on public, private, or hybrid cloud, can download the SymbaYou Docker or HELM for Kubernetes.

Companies using SymbaYou.

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Getting started with SymbaYou.

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We’re constantly innovating SymbaYou. Beta testers can try-out pre-release versions of SymbaYou. It’s free to join. But it’s necessary to sign up to the Free Developer Edition.

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